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denying the right to self-determination endangers stateless peoples


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Catalonia:ready to take flight Scotland? September 18 may break up the UK. Independence of Crimea welcome but not its annexation: Self-determination is a right to be cherished

The rise of I-S-I-S makes independent Kurdistan even more necessary now

Kurdistan is on the front line of the fight against ISIS (or the neo-Almohadis for those who know Moorish history). Its recognition would allow for the easier defense of innocents. A regional conference should be held quickly to begin the independence process. Almost all local players would benefit, save those supporting ISIS.

7 Oct, 2014 Savanch17

Catalonia’s right to self-determination denied

Spain’s Rajoy¬†says call for a November referendum undemocratic.

30 Sep, 2014 Savanch17